It’s a Banana Blast

Yogi Blend 1

Yogi Blends are a pretty great way to start the day.

You combine the comforts of a milkshake with the goodness of a juice and the consistency of a thick smoothie to create a meal in a glass that will keep you going.

And you won’t want it to end either.

You know what’s even better ?

They’re so quick and easy to make – simply get all your ingredients ready (you can even prep them up the night before) and then chuck them all into your blender or nutribullet. Switch it on and blend until it’s nice and creamy and you’re good to go !!

We’ve created a selection of Yogi Blends for a new book for our Retreat (don’t worry, we will share more about this with you pretty soon) so we thought we’d share one with you today to try out.



1 cup Almond Milk (use a different milk if you don’t do nuts)

1 Banana (peeled, obs)

1 handful Strawberries (fresh or frozen – for us, a handful is 4 or 5)

1 teaspoon Peanut Butter (leave out if you don’t do nuts)

1 small tub Soya Yogurt (unsweetened)

1 small handful ice


Simply place all the ingredients into a blender or nutri bullet and blend until smooth.

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