08 Sundry - Gareth

We’re Gareth and Jeroen, two regular guys from different backgrounds who had a shared dream: to one day have a retreat that would help people live healthy, balanced, and fulfilled lives.

09 Sundry - Jeroen

Together, we’ve faced some pretty tough challenges, but FUEL drives us to keep going. To keep pushing. To keep sharing. Most of all, it drives us to keep doing our best to help others rebuild their lives, too.

As we became friends, we realised that the ‘stuff’ we’d been through in the past was something we 1) wanted to deal with and 2) wanted to help other people deal with, too.

In 2014, when we decided to start D-Toxd, our health retreat in Spain, we never dreamt that it would lead to our putting this book together.

10 Sundry - Retreat

Over the years, D-Toxd has become so much more than a health retreat thanks to our simple philosophy — FUEL — and the way of the Bouncing Chef.

F – it’s FUN

U – it’s Uncomplicated

E – it’s Energising

L – it’s Life-changing

But you could say we became chefs by accident: the day we officially opened our retreat, the chef we’d hired to join our team never turned up — and people were paying to have healthy meals prepared for them.

Since we didn’t have time to look for a replacement, we dived in head first (as we typically do) and did the cooking ourselves.

Over the years, we have seen close to 1,500 people walk through our doors here in Spain, all of whom have sat down and enjoyed the juices and meals we have put together for them. Adding them all up, that’s a LOT of different meals.

The Bouncing Chef is about the up’s and down’s we all face in life because let’s be honest – life isn’t always plain sailing.

It’s about showing people what can be done in life when you put your mind to it.