Our Vision

07 Sundry - Respect Your Body

We dream of a world where people are happy and healthy.

Where people choose to take care of themselves.

One where laughter and friendship meet around the table to enjoy beautifully prepared meals filled with all things healthy.

But most of all, we dream of a world where people make the most of our every single moment because life is too short to take for granted and is one that can be the biggest adventure ever – not in what you do but more importantly, in how you approach it.

Both of us know what it’s like to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Years of drug and alcohol abuse, neglecting our health and well-being, and generally living stress-filled lives led us individually to the point where we knew something had to change. We also know what it’s like to reach rock bottom and be shaken awake to realise how truly special life is.

Change isn’t easy, so we’ve spent the last fifteen years finding ways to make the complicated simple again, breaking down healthy living. We’re not vegans, vegetarians, raw foodies, or juice fanatics. Neither are we exercise junkies or yogis who meditate all day. We enjoy chocolate and wine, meat and potatoes, snacks and sneaky treats, and lazy duvet days on the couch. We know that life is for living, and also that if we want results, we need to take responsibility, create strategies, and go for them.

Above all else, we believe that life is not about extremes and radical lifestyle changes. We choose to follow our own version of healthy, balanced living. One that might offend and upset people. One that goes against the grain, or even against reams and reams of research doing the rounds. One that tests the myths and breaks through the barriers. One that shows people how simple and fun healthy, balanced living can really be — when we give ourselves permission to live this way.

A healthy lifestyle involves so much more than just eating the right foods; we must take care of our minds as well as our bodies.

We’ve learned that physical health and mental health go hand in hand, and that balance is vital. Seeing the results that thousands of people have achieved as a result of making simple lifestyle changes has been pretty cool and it’s the very reason we do what we do each and every day.